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What is catering and how does it work?

Posted On Sunday, 27 October 2019


Catering options weren’t always as plentiful and readily available as they are today, where you can find event catering for all official events and functions. Catering was historically relegated to the nobility in the middle ages, although some of Britain’s oldest pubs, like Ye Old Fighting Cocks in St. Albans dating back to 793, probably offered a few delicious spreads to common folk. Catering guilds emerged in France after the French Revolution as parties for aristocrats were no longer a la mode, however catering training wasn’t readily available in the UK until the early 1900s (for a grand total of 2 shillings, one could enrol in 13 lessons in elementary cookery at City College Norwich).

Catering training was targeted at women early on, however, after WWII a growing service industry introduced many more caterers to the world. Catering services in the UK now represent approximately three-quarters of a billion pounds in annual revenue and employee over 28,000 people. For an industry that was once dominated by stately dinners for kings and queens, catering options have come a long way to include more popular food and alternative choices like vegan, vegetarian, and bespoke catering services.


How does catering work?
It’s pretty simple, although it takes a bit more thought than ordering a pizza. If you are hosting or organising a function, office party, Christmas party, office lunch, team lunch, or team event, you will want to accommodate your guests’ preferences and expectations accordingly while staying within your budget. For example, you likely wouldn’t order expensive seafood and steak entrées for your weekly office lunch (and if you did, we’d all want to work with you) and would instead typically order cold and hot plates ranging from wraps, curries, salads, sandwiches, and soups. For your office Christmas party, you would focus on some festive corporate catering options that include canapés, finger foods, and buffets.

Work closely with your caterer in choosing a suitable menu and make sure you have your event location secured before booking your caterer. Also be sure to solicit input from coworkers, friends, or family on food preferences, allergies, and dietary needs. Finally, be sure to keep in mind all five senses in your planning – you will want to blend the rights notes of sound, smell, sight, touch, and of course, taste. Book a band or get a playlist ready and find some relevant decorations to throw up.

The best part about all of the catering options today? They come at a much lower price tag than in past years. With all of the options online and at your fingertips, you can find affordable catering that will keep your CFO happy (and not hungry).

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Catering options are plentiful, affordable, and full of variety. Although catering has come a long way from being fit only for a king, it can still bring award-winning class to corporate events and parties. The best part about catering? You can leave the hard part up to the professionals.
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